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When ya coming back on the show?


I agree with Snooper, Ray. There's too little of you out in the cyber world.

BTW, INRE the puppies. I have to confess,I have an extra large problem with those who abuse puppies, animals in general. Yeah yeah... I now. The human life should be of higher priority. But fact is, I could shoot a human invading my home and not suffer as much guilt or sadness as I would hitting a deer on the road.

And here's where that gut feeling comes from. Animals are aggressive for survival instinct. No emotions, no "too much testosterone", no "PMS" insanity. Humas are aggressive just because they feel like it for the moment. It makes them feel empowered. Or else they're just plain masochists.

i.e.... some idiot Oregon 14 yr olds threw rocks at a goose and her nest. Destroyed the eggs, and blinded the goose. Why? Who knows. "boys will be boys", I guess the saying goes.

Frankly, I'm on the side of the goose, and would beat the snot out of those boys if they were mine for their lack of respect for life, for motherhood, and for picking on a helpless animal to bolster their pitiful egos.

So I dunno... I can see the puppy argument and where it fits. Anger at so much so they hit a "easy target" to feel better?

But I also don't judge all my honored warriors by the few who exercise such deplorable judgment while under stress. But if I'd been there... I'd beat the snot outta those soldiers too! ... if I coulda... LOL

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