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No Drama Obama.... LOL.... good one there!

You have a strange flux of optimism going on, Ray. On one hand, in this well written article for AT, you say:

"It will take more than an open personality and a national defense based on thinking encouraging thoughts about the bad guys' intentions to win the trust of the electorate."

In my heart of hearts, I'd love to believe that. From your lips to the voters' chads. But have you taken a good look at our electorate lately???

I'm stil scratching my head over the mass conservative railing against McCain. But if they were so darned conservative, where were they for Thompson, the only conservative in the bunch? Fred's poor showing proves two points IMHO...

1: The ignorance of the electorate is not confined to Obama's vagaries, but also to Romney's and Huck's. At least McCain is transparent... a liberal who's tough on the GIJM.

2: Also apparent is a new definition of conservative. A morphed concoction of a domestic liberal and foreign policy conservative. And I'm quite sure I'm not one of these neo-conservatives.

Weird, however, that you hold hope for the American electorate, but you're just about ready to throw in the towel on Musharraf's leadership from frustration.

Were I to bet on one of these two classes to see the light... the spoiled, clueless and narcissistic American electorate, or the embattled and besieged, blood stained Pakistanis... I'd take the latter under Musharraf. Their need for an immediate "no errors" policy is greater than ours - at least for now.

If we have a complacent pacifist CIC like Obama - who advocates invading Pakistan but naively thinks taking our ME military presence back to pre-911 status will prevent another 911 (huh??)- we could be in for increased bloodshed on our own soil all too soon.

And I suspect it is only at that point our American electorate will wise up.... at least for a year or two.

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