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Hummm... very disturbing. And while I fully agree that the media, with their push to nurture a distaste and disrespect for our military, must accept responsibility for their part in this trend, I must also say that the government's candy-arse "retraining" response for already skilled and able veterans is not an answer.

What may be more appropriate is legal counsel to step up to the plate and go to bat for what I believe may be illegal discrimination against veterans. Remember, employers are refusing to hire based on a "mental disability" that they themselves are diagnosing as a future problem.

Just how widespread can this same discrimination go if unchecked? Smokers "at risk" for lung cancer? Well, no one will help that hated class. How about the women with DNA conducive to breast cancer? How about motorcycle riders who may be injured in an accident? For that matter, how about anyone who drives long commutes, increasing their exposure to auto accidents enroute?

I thank you for this heads up, Ray. Linked to you, and added my own thoughts at Sea2Sea, on the blind eyes averted to illegal discrimination against veterans.

To me, it appears the only "retraining" truly necessary is the media, and the American public.

Miss Williams

To me, it appears the only "retraining" truly necessary is the media, and the American public."

Sounds like what Hitler thought too.

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