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Steven W.

I'd love to see McCain turn to Obama during the debates and note Obama & Co. would have left Saddam and the terrorists to continue running amuk at Salman Pak and the other camps run by Saddam's thugs.


And in case anyone from the campaign flies thru here, I can add my 2 cents worth that no one can make those "ties" - yes, the same ones that the media has indoctrinated America into the "willing suspension of disbelief" - better than you, Ray.

Your book, it's relative history and events that helps decipher the ISG docs and IIS diary, have proven to be more than an education. They are, in fact, a definitive understanding of the mentality and strategies of the enemy and their "ties of convenience" with each other. It's an education that to this day I value. When I see many individual news reports to this day, there's an "ah HAAA" that goes off in my head.

If McCain learns what you know, then neither HRC or BHO can prevail in a debate on foreign policy in Iraq.


Ray...I am almost finished with the third reading of your book and now the Shadow Warriors leak portions of the latest were and are CORRECT!!! However, the libtards are being their usual moronic selves.

Mark Eichenlaub

I hope you are right about McCain speaking up on this. He should start with this heavy dose of evidence.


You have No proof or facts!
Just write about something you have NO proof!
An wht don`t you put in your books how sercive men rapped woman!
Hello really check!

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