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Then you will be interested in this...


Okay... I need to pick your brain to see where this comes from, Mr. Ray.

Can't remember which of your analyses I read (so many of them...), but you've suggested that AQ fully expected retaliation from 911, and had Pakistan planned as a back door in the event they lost Afghanistan. Summarized, and hopefully correctly.

Since they've proven themselves not to be completely inept in long term strategy, and other than riling up the US for slaughter of Hollywood types (thus giving a boost to the GOP in Nov elections), to what benefit would it be?

Afterall, the WTC, Pentagon and attempt at either the Capitol or WH was strategic targets. Our economic base (shutting down Wall St for a week), and our military and CIC headquarters. Even the thwarted London airliner plot affects economics worldwide. My point? They generally choose targets for major events that somehow kicks the teeth out of the economy somewhere.

The WGA strike is already knocking the teeth out of Hollywood. I know... I lived thru the last one as a post production sound editor, and it just about broke my bank and others who were affected as a side product. Said strike makes it questionable if either award show will air at all. And if so... unless they've reached an agreement... may not be well attended.

They have to know, with this President, any such action as you suggest would again unite the country behind a military response. And they're pretty busy trying to hold their own with multiple fronts even now.

Snooper's link to the Jamestown analysis has an interesting quote:

“Dare I say that we, in the turmoil of the war, concentrated on attacking the enemy and forgot to strengthen our lines of defense against penetrations which led to contentions among us. We must unite all jihadi groups under one jihadi project.”

I guess I miss the value of a hit on Hollywood as a valued and rewarding "one jihadi project". Could you help me see da light?

David M

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 01/10/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

Ray Robison

Good question, al Qaeda would of course prefer to hit a hard target of economic, military, or political significance. They can't do that anymore. But remember, we have had 3 years of the democrats telling us we need to disengage in the war on terror because we are only making more terrorists.

They know that at least half of the american public is ready to bail if we are attacked at home, just like the Spanish did.

Limited options plus an easy, high profle target.


I see your point. With the liberal/progressives and media ventroloquists pounding into our heads that *we* are creating the terrorists, they will assume - if hit here - we were "the cause" by the Bush policy. Totally forgetting, or course, that the Bush policy was no where around for 911.

Then again, it's a 50/50 potential at getting a reaction terrorists would want. This country *only* unites when we are hit at home. So that's a mighty big chance for the bad guys to take for a non-strategic target. Afterall, a shopping mall is just as easy for lack of security. Innocents merely shopping would probably garner more sympathy from the nation than self-absorbed celebs.

Sure hope you're wrong, guy. Unfortunately, you have a track record, and a talent to comprehend strategy, that cannot be ignored. Here's hoping your instincts are just some indigestion, eh?

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