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(on your Oct 1 American Thinker article "Speaker Pelosi and the Missing Ramadan Spike")

For years I've been hearing practically daily on the news -- the use of the adjectives "increasing", "growing", "rising", and "mounting" when talking about the violence and opposition (both to the war and to the President). It's almost a reflexive term any more for them (the media and the left, but I repeat myself). They tend to get used in places when the word "continuing" would be a much more accurate word, but it wouldn't fit the narrative they're trying to tell.

Just yesterday on the news I heard about the "increasing" scrutiny of the Blackwater Private Security company. Really? Has it intensified since it started? Or are they just trying to create the illusion of snowballing evidence against the company, and an ever widening 'scandal'?

If we believe the media, a large, negative number of people now support the continuing (or would that be "mounting"?) war effort and Iraq should be a charred, smouldering pit of blackened earth. President Bush should have about a -47% approval rating by now.

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