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Jerry Ament

I spent 6 years as an officer in the U.S. Army, and I am racking my brains to recall the training that taught a soldier to survive a blast that can take out a 3 foot concrete wall. Does anyone out there who has served remember this training? I must have been on sick call that day.


I do not know Private Zeimer, but thanks for taking the time to write this report. Clearly, you support the troops. Whereas, Thompson and Murtha, Inc. are abusers of the troops, the truth, and the public.

David M

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I read this piece on RCP. It should be required reading for every journalist in the world.


Thank you for exposing this crude hatchet job for what it is - sheer journalistic opportunism and evidence of Time's agenda. Mr. Thompson clearly has no passion for the objective truth, and Time has little interest in even placing a moderate veneer on this propagandistic rubbish. Could they at least have entitled the article, "Is America's Army Broken?", or "Army Strong! But For How Long?" Of course not! Rather, in the name of investigative journalism, a venerated American news outlet perpetuates the demoralization of the public's faith in the war effort - its aim, seemingly - by re-writing PVT Zeimer's record to discredit an Army he proudly served. For shame!

Marc Couchey

Thirty years ago such news wouldn't be found in the Stars and Stripes much less the home town local paper. Today, now that a writer can side politically with whomever, use words to mischaracterize the Army and those fighting-warriors, misrepresent the public as war haters, and basically rant-on something the average person wouldn't have a clue about, well today the writers are liers and unintelligent boobs.


Just to add, the NTC is not designed to teach individual skills to a soldier. Its purpose is to teach the unit leadership, from battalion commander on down through plt ldr/plt sgt, how to lead and how to deploy their soldiers as a unit. The fact that any particular private was or was not deployed to Iraq without attending the NTC is pretty meaningless, actually.

Further, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't all units given some additional training time in Kuwait during their period of acclimation. My understanding is that no unit crosses the berm out of Kuwait unless at a C-1 readiness rating for training and equipment.

This Time article is a hit piece of the worst kind. Good catch, Marc.

new brunswick

I bet. That is the best idea you can suggest.

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