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I like to watch Glenn, he speaks out about the facts
no-one else will. He speaks about George Soros and the
Clinton attachment. George is a very frightening man and
if you want to read the facts about him, go the the blog,
American Thinker and read about him.

There must be some way for the people who are not aware
of these threats to America and the free world and
always call the people who speak up as weird, to find
the facts and start fighting for the right, and I mean
conservatives and the radio talk show hosts that Hillary
and George are getting at now to shut them down, this is
not a new plan, it has been in the works for years and
she has said she started Media Matters and he is totally
behind them and MoveOn.

When MoveOn said, "we bought them and now we own them and
they will do as we say" it was the truth.

Read some of the great bloggers he has listed and find a bit more about what is happening and what the result can
be. not one we want. The only way people will learn is if people write the truth on the blogs and the radio talk
show hosts, can we afford to lose them because no-one fought for them? The bloggers have more power than they
realize now, Many of them are needed.

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