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Scott Malensek

Ahhhhh history:

"Many people have asked how close Saddam Hussein is to developing a nuclear weapon. Well, we don't know exactly, and that's the problem. Before the Gulf War, the best intelligence indicated that Iraq was eight to ten years away from developing a nuclear weapon. After the war, international inspectors learned that the regime has been much closer -- the regime in Iraq would likely have possessed a nuclear weapon no later than 1993. The inspectors discovered that Iraq had an advanced nuclear weapons development program, had a design for a workable nuclear weapon, and was pursuing several different methods of enriching uranium for a bomb.

Before being barred from Iraq in 1998, the International Atomic Energy Agency dismantled extensive nuclear weapons-related facilities, including three uranium enrichment sites. That same year, information from a high-ranking Iraqi nuclear engineer who had defected revealed that despite his public promises, Saddam Hussein had ordered his nuclear program to continue.

The evidence indicates that Iraq is reconstituting its nuclear weapons program. Saddam Hussein has held numerous meetings with Iraqi nuclear scientists, a group he calls his "nuclear mujahideen" -- his nuclear holy warriors. Satellite photographs reveal that Iraq is rebuilding facilities at sites that have been part of its nuclear program in the past."
-President Bush 10/7/02


"How quickly Iraq will obtain its first nuclear weapon depends on when it acquires sufficient weapons -grade fissile material.

· If Baghdad acquires sufficient weapons- grade fissile material from abroad, it could make a nuclear weapon within a year."
-10/2002 National Intelligence Estimate

(Note, Dr Baradei of the IAEA confirmed/reaffirmed this in early 2003, but I can't find the quote. He also reaffirmed it in an interview with Newsweek or TIME in late 2005 re Iran and other countries)


"In September 2002, the CIA obtained, from a source, information that allegedly came from a high-level Iraqi official with direct access to Saddam Hussein and his inner circle. The information this source provided was considered so important and so sensitive that the CIA's Directorate of Operations prepared a highly restricted intelligence report to alert senior policymakers about the reporting. Because of the sensitivity, however, that it was not disseminated to Intelligence Community analysts.

The intelligence report conveyed information from the source attributed to the Iraqi official which said:

. Iraq was not in possession of a nuclear weapon. However, Iraq was aggressively and covertly developing such a weapon. Saddam, irate that Iraq did not yet have a nuclear weapon because money was no object and because Iraq possessed the scientific know how, had recently called meeting his Nuclear Weapons Committee.

. The Committee told Saddam that a nuclear weapon would be ready within 18-24 months of acquiring the fissile material. The return of UN inspectors would cause minimal disruption because Iraq was expert at denial and deception."
-Senate Intelligence Committee Phase II rpt 2006
(Note, the ISG Duelfer Report as well as the Interim Kay rpt both confirm

With regard to Iraq's nuclear program, the testimony we have obtained from Iraqi scientists and senior government officials should clear up any doubts about whether Saddam still wanted to obtain nuclear weapons. They have told ISG that Saddam Husayn remained firmly committed to acquiring nuclear weapons. These officials assert that Saddam would have resumed nuclear weapons development at some future point. Some indicated a resumption after Iraq was free of sanctions. At least one senior Iraqi official believed that by 2000 Saddam had run out of patience with waiting for sanctions to end and wanted to restart the nuclear program. The Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) beginning around 1999 expanded its laboratories and research activities and increased its overall funding levels. This expansion may have been in initial preparation for renewed nuclear weapons research, although documentary evidence of this has not been found, and this is the subject of continuing investigation by ISG.
-10/2/03 Iraqi Survey Group Interim Report (unclassified)-David Kay

Exploitation of additional documents may shed light on the projects and program plans of Dr. Khalid Ibrahim Sa'id. There may be more projects to be discovered in research placed at universities and private companies. Iraqi interest in reconstitution of a uranium enrichment program needs to be better understood through the analysis of procurement records and additional interviews.
-10/2/03 Iraqi Survey Group Interim Report (unclassified)-David Kay

And then there's the ISG report's pics proving that inspections weren't ever going to work:


I throw in my two bits here.

See this comment I just posted in Allahpundit's thread:

The Death Knell of the MEME, "Bush Lied - People Died!"

I would encourage all to watch Ray Robison's Blog as this big story unfolds.

Ray Robison, Mark Echenlaub - Regime of Terror, and Scott Malensek have been working on this story for a long time and no one has paid much attention. And of course don't overlook Iraqi Gen Sada* and his message he has been criss-crossing Americia with.

Finally this cesspool is finally is seeing the light of day, ironically, by the LL and the MSM in their delusional state with BDS.

Damn that Rove guy is one hell of a smart dude. The call has been placed in this game of Texas Hold'em.

Please remember this nuke info is not unk in the intel circles. It just boils down to who has the scienitific, engineering, manufacturing, and raw materials to carry this out.

The strategic threat to the US - North Korea, Iran, and to a lesser degree Syria. Don't forget our "alley" The House of Saud probably was a receipient of the AQ Kahn nuke info for sale.

Do you suppose there is any connection with the impressive US Naval presence in the vacinity of Iran?

The irony is that this was all going on right under the noses of the IAEA until Col. Kadhafi fell on his sword and rolled over on his nuke program.

According to John Loftus, if you believe him reliable, said the NORKS were "shiting brinks" when it became apparent the the US was going into Iraq. Why? Because they new their "ass" was "grass" as all of this arrangements would become apparent in the Saddam Docs.

Glenn Reynold's, Army of Davids, has come to fruition. Folks actually have been working on these docs that are now coming to light. The government did not have the resources or vetted translators to comb through these docs.

The death of the meme, "Bush Lied - People Died!" The rope they've been allowed to run with has finally drawn taught with a snap.




From WHAT “Report”?

It appears that someone has lifted a portion of a speech George Tenet gave in 2004 when he was trying a CYA maneuver regarding the failed Intelligence; and are trying to pass it off as “From the report:”

And while some documents may have contained “nuclear” information that would help some backwater country; the Duelfer Report has documented that Saddam shut down his nuclear program in 1991 and let it rot. That “Report” also indicated that there was zero evidence that Saddam would restart his nuclear program.

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