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Rush just referenced this.


What I'd like to know is why hasn't DRUDGE made any reference to this AT ALL!?!? Is the fake killer of JonBenet more important than the fact that the MSM has for 3yrs LIED about the Plamegate affair when it KNEW it wasn't true, all for political purposes of the LeftWing/DNC?
C'mon DRUDGE, cat got your tongue? Or are you now part of the lying MSM?

Kim Abbott

I cannot help but think that the Driveby Media knew that the truth about plamegate was coming out. Hence the frantic attention on Katrina and the administration's supposed mishandling of relief.

Opponents of freedom use words-not deeds


This discussion proceeds as if Bush has no power. Of course, the MSM are skanks. Of course, they'll do anything to destroy a Republican president. But Bush has power, which he won't use. He could have shut this whole thing down a long time ago, through the pardon, if nothing else. But no, go ahead and let them ruin Scooter Libby's life. Bush can't be bothered, much less lead. He leaves us, the soldiers, his subordinates -- everyone -- twisting in the wind. His leadership is contemptible. At least Nero could fiddle.


Even though Bush has been exhonerated over the Plamegate affair, the blogger who said "at least Nero could fiddle" still blames Bush. Can you imagine the media outcry if he would have pardoned anybody. No matter what Bush does, he's wrong.

RR: for shear irony, try this, many historians agree that the Nero story is a myth, that he didn't even live in Rome when it burned. Was the NY Times around to carry the Rome burning story? heh


Richard, heh.

Re-read my post. I did not blame Bush exclusively, only for his share. His Clintonesque triangulations cause most of his pain. Do the right thing today, and the future takes care of itself. Reagan knew that. But no, can't have that: the media might squall. His cronies might bray. Let the Marines rot; I'll have an MBA day.

I invoked the Nero fable with two purposes in mind. The Bush point was well made; thus, your irked reply. Nit-picking at fables dodges the point, and demonstrates a struck nerve.

The Bush-bot chip is buggy; it loops without end. Try a different brand, and parse more carefully.

If Bush took constructive criticism from his friends on the right, his ratings would soar. But no, can't have that. The old media might roar.

ray robison

Spark, the Nero comment was mine as indicated by RR. And if you can not see the irony in your invocation of an aphorism that is mere myth in context of a just revealed myth involving another world leader, then well, perhaps you need some irony supplements.


Sorry, RR, didn't know that was you. The Nero myth is well known, and my point was still made. I find some irony in the fact Bush is actually here.


The media should be held resposible for distroying someones character. We should demand an apology from the media and stop buying their papers-boycott. They deserve to suffer financially. They will be coming after us next and if we do not stand up now we will all suffer.
Joe wilson knew what he was doing and shame on him. Wasting taxpayer money he should be made accountable and pay it back!!!!!! He is a terroist in my opinion and should be treated as such and put in prison!!! Underminding our leaders because of his hatered I am sure it had an effect on our military and the war on terror.


Why is anyone surprised? This stuff happens all the time when it comes to President Bush. These people and the MSM's are out to get him at any cost. They really are the enemy from within. I question their pariotism.

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