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Ron Cram

Ray, I'm afraid you are being overly generous to the liberals on this one. I appreciate the fact you do not want to overstate the case, but Joseph Shahda has this one right. First, an air defense artillery site could be considered a "suicide mission" in one sense, but no military force on earth would call a defensive position a "suicide mission." Second and more importantly, an air defense artillery site could not possibly be able to "liberate Palestine." The suicide mission are obviously an offensive mission. Joseph Shahda's interpretation is clearly the correct one. That said, I clearly want to congratulate you on the fine job you have been doing. Please keep up the great work!

Ron Cram

Ray, one more point. The accuracy of Joseph's translation appears to be confirmed by an interview with an Iraqi detainee. The detainee was an Iraqi infantryman who volunteered to join al-Qaeda and the Taliban and still maintained contact with Saddam's regime. After being captured and detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the infantryman was questioned. A U.S. government "Summary of Evidence" seems to indicate cooperation between al-Qaeda and the Iraqi Intelligence Service. It says:
"In August 1998, the detainee traveled to Pakistan with a member of Iraqi Intelligence for the purpose of blowing up the Pakistan, United States and British embassies with chemical mortars." See

Sam Pender

Nasariya was the place where Jessica Lynch was captured and US Marines met fierce resistance from Saddam's terrorists.

Also noteworthy of Iraq's ties to terror in pre911 2001...

[2001] That same year, Saudi Arabian border guards arrested two al Qaeda members entering the kingdom from Iraq.]The Iraq -- Al Qaeda Connections
By Richard Miniter

As recently as 2001, Iraq's embassy in Pakistan was used as a "liaison" between the Iraqi dictator and al Qaeda, Mr. Powell told the United Nations.]The Iraq -- Al Qaeda Connections
By Richard Miniter

In 2001, an al Qaeda member "bragged that the situation in Iraq was 'good,'" according to intelligence made public by Mr. Powell. -Sec State Colin Powell Address to the UN

As my colleagues around this table and as the citizens they represent in Europe know, Zarqawi's terrorism is not confined to the Middle East. Zarqawi and his network have plotted terrorist actions against countries including France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany and Russia. According to detainees Abu Atiya, who graduated from Zarqawi's terrorist camp in Afghanistan, tasked at least nine North African extremists in 2001 to travel to Europe to conduct poison and explosive attacks. -Sec State Colin Powell Address to UNSC

circa 3/1/01 Another unverified source says that senior U.S. intelligence sources say that in the spring of 2001, Marwan AL-SHEHRI and Ziad JARRAH met with known Iraqi intelligence agents “outside the United States.” David Rose, “Focus Special: The Terrorism Crisis: The Iraqi Connection,” The Observer, November 11, 2001.

circa 3/1/01 Between late March and September 2001, the Intelligence Community identified numerous signs of an impending terrorist attack, some of which pointed specifically to the United States as a target:

circa 3/1/01 In March, an intelligence source claimed that a group of Bin Ladin operatives was planning to conduct an unspecified attack in the United States in April 2001. One of the operatives allegedly resided in the United States.

circa 3/1/01 In spring 2001, NSA noted another significant rise in threat activity. Again, the Intelligence Community assessed the threat to be directed at targets abroad.


I suggest we wait until all documents are analyzed before jumping to a conclusion that corroborates either the left or right. As of right now, the documents to date that have been declassified and published, when combined with other open-source fact, are more than enough for me circumstantial evidence for me.

Let's never forget that the vast majority of these documents remain classified.

After serving in Iraq and knowing the fact beyond television crap and Joe Biden's car salesman mentality, it is very obvious that if Bush was President during the Clinton years, the towers would still be standing, the intelligence community engaged well beyond what they have been for 30 years; the threat inside the country which fomented under liberal acquiescence of the rule of immigration law, would be miniscule and easily confronted.

I am a voice of one calling for malfeasance in office charges for the lot of them in the previous administration. It is their neglect and laughing denial that cost thousands of lives from 1992-2000, not Bush;s shameful ineritance when he became President.

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