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Hate mail? If you don't like then don't read it. Noone is forcing these people to read anything. Of course the mountains of evidence may conflict with what some people think they know but that's their problem.


Great job Ray!
Way to go!!


ray robison

thanks 6!

Jill Perkins

Hey Ray,

Did you read the article on the website last year in October or November about what King Abdullah II of Jordan said about Saddam giving money to Aymen Al-Zawahiri?

King Abdullah told the reporter that in 1999 at the Pan Arab league meeting Saddam gave Al-Zawahiri $300,000 and in 2001 at the Pan Arab League meeting Saddam gave Al-Zawahiri $100,000. This meeting was in July of 2001.

In Pravda, I read an article that Putin of Russia told his people to get out of the dollar and into the ruble because something big was going to happen. This was July 19, 2001.


William Milan

Hey Ray: I heard you name on the Sean Hannity Show today.

You are getting the record straight!

The frothing at the mouth email, just means your getting the word out to the right people and the left is not happy about it.

Keep up the good work
Thank you

tgm aka avacado

Ray, regarding anyone saying the documents are a "lie" there was a Congressional hearing and they discussed that very subject of the validity of the posted documents. In short, the documents before being posted to the harmony database have been scrubed many times for forgeries and if found, they do not make it to the database for the public.

Here is some more on the hearing and my full review of the hearing.

US House of Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Chairman

My post is #14.

Hope this helps.

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