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Tom the Redhunter

"Folks we are seeing the anti-war, Bush bashing media piling on like never before."

ditto that. The anti-war left thinks it has finally got it's My Lai, and the're going to play it for all it's worth.


But what if it's true? There is not justification for it then - and trying to defend it is just as bad as those libs who defend slamming passenger planes into the WTC....

Ray Robison

Anon- the point of the article is to demonstrate how the media is going way out of bounds to make statements they are not qualified to make. The point is that they have access to and could easily quote forensics experts and doctors but choose not to. Why (a rational person might ask) would they not? Because no doctor would publicly diagnose an injury from a video. So since they can't get anyone to do it, they make the judgements for themselves by calling them "obvious". If it were so obvious, then they could find an expert to make the case. If you want some one to prejudge the marines, go over to HuffPo and read Murtha. I have more respect for our soldiers and marines than that.

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