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You got that damn straight!

Read Rocket's Brain Trust for further.

Don't want to stay on the sidelines this time? Feel like you want to do something now whether your government decides to act or not before the Mad Mullahs go nuclear?

Well here's where you can be a member of the Army of Davids to crush the Mad Mullahs who are the greatest single strategic threat on the radar in the GWOT.

First spread the words of Gen. Sada, then the truth that is now coming forward from Ray's efforts and others on the Saddam documents, and then this plea from an Iranian girl to the American people.

The Mullahs are brutally repressing the Iranian youth, The Joyless Generation, who want more to life than the old farts will tolerate or provide to remain in power.

This generation can't be repressed forever.



Lose the Army of Davids !!!

Now Please!

Anyone reading this thread should go immediately to Atlas Shrugs and see this plea from an Iranian girl in the comment thread that has more collective wisdom than all of the LL and MSM combined!


PS Seems to be stripping the html links out. Just Google on Atlas Shrugs and click on post, "The Fateful Hour Has Arrived."

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