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Scott Malensek

"If he has no problem back stabbing his best supporters, one should wonder how he feels about the United Nations whom he never considered as friends."

(deserved repeating)

Conversely, at the time UBL was fighting the Soviets (a time many claim he was backed by the CIA), he clearly had no trouble getting aid from a secular, non-muslim to further his own cause even if it meant effectively aiding that Great Satan in theirs at the same time.

Even the 911 Commission's Final report says very clearly that UBL wanted to work with Saddam's regime, and by 1998 (when the 911 plot was set in motion) Saddam wanted to work-or at the very least harbor-Al Queda. The question has always been whether or not they were able to cooperate on attacks against the US. The intent is accepted (well, accepted by those who care to read), but evidence of cooperation in attacks is what's been lacking, and I think the best places to look for that evidence are:

the 1998 Feb-July AQ/Iraq meetings (likely relate directly to African Embassy Bombings and OFF as a means of support from Iraq-AQ)

the construction of the USS Cole bomb

the 1998/99 December-April meetings between AQ/Iraq (this is the period when the 911 plot was set in motion)

To this end, people like Faruq Hijazi (in custody since 2003) is key, and documents detailing the meetings, their objectives, and their results.


Ray Robison

man, it's you guess that really make this blog interesting, good stuff Scott

Ray Robison

sorry meant "you guys"

Jeff Rooney

Great job again Ray and great insight Scott. There is no doubt in my mind Ray, yourself, Sammi and Jveritas and other translators are making history. Keep up the great work!

I really enjoy reading your posts and translations.


I would like to see a translation of a suspicious document posted on the FMSO Iraq document page.

The document is entitled: "The Base Chemical Storage"

I am curious about this document because "the base" is a common translation of "al-Qaeda."

Link below:

note: link was not reliable as of this posting

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