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Because I work in the involuntary hospitalization biz, I will offer some things as speculation only. I know nothing about this specific case.

You can always find someone who will declare a person is incompetent to stand trial. In my state I can name two psychiatrists and a PhD psychologist who all have an over 90% rate of finding incompetency. They are not -- at least two of them are not -- paid off quacks who will find what you want them to. They just have a very low threshhold for incompetency. Defense attorneys who specialize in mental health know who these people are. There are also issues as to whether a person is permanently incompetent, or could conceivably be restored to competency.

Secondly, there are several types of mental illness where a person might be both high-functioning in some ways, but completely clueless in others. A person with a bipolar disorder, or a late-onset paranoid schizophrenic could both conceivably fit that picture.

A person's attorney might be advising them not to be treated, knowing that treatment would result in restored competency and the necessity of standing trial. The prosecution, however, could believe that competency could be restored with forcible medication and be pressing for that.

A person in manic phase of a Bipolar disorder might well be grandiose and believing she could be saving the whole world by running with the big boys. When the overconfidence and grandiosity caught up with her and she got in trouble, it would be an ambiguous situation whether she would want to be treated. As poor insight into need for treatment is already a hallmark of certain illnesses, the layers of the onion would be even more complicated. A person could easily believe in that situation that he was being offered treatment as punishment, based on some paranoid fantasy that the feds don't want him to talk, or to make him appear less credible, etc. As MH professionals are often semi-paranoid lefties themselves, some of those treating such a person might even agree with him!

Wheels within wheels.


"So this clearly demonstrates the IIS managed to recruit a person with direct ties to the Bush Administration which it appears turned her over to DOJ."

Not so clearly, I think. The chronology is bad. Her letters to Card were mostly in 2000 and 2001. The indictment came in 2004. Her connections to CIA and DIA officials were substantiated during Lockerbie, and in meetings they all had with a European journalist who has covered terrorism for decades. That was back in, what, 1991? Her story is that the indictment came only after Congress began its investigation into intelligence failures and she went to Trent Lot, among others, to point out that there were people who she knew in our agencies who were not asleep at the switch, but that political appointees and elected officials were disregarding their work. In other words, she was trying to defend elements within our agencies whose nondisclosure agreements prevented them from coming forward, themselves.

I've spoken with the European journalist, Ian Ferguson, in recent days, as well of others of Ms Lindauer's witnesses, who her court appointed attorney has refused to interview or depose. Her story seems pretty well coraborated by independent and creadible folks.

One of the dynamics of this case is the desperate need of our Counter Intelligence folks for any sliver of evidence that they might be something more than incompetent, themselves (after 9/11). There is an industry of consultants who sell to the government their expertise on C.I. and they need like the dickens something to showcase and train against.

What I think you'll find that we have, instead, is a bunch of keystone cops, or worse, taking down one of the few humint assets that we had connecting to top-level Iraq leaders. Even if she was a bit high on herself, there is no way that our professionals were ignorant of anything Andy Card's cousin was doing in these matters, and it seems clear to me that she went out of her way to involve anybody who would listen. Seems to me she wanted to be a hero.

One of her letters pointed out that Iraq was asking us to send the FBI to assist them in rooting out any Al Queda elements in Iraq, and this was well prior to 9/11.

Given 20/20 hindsight, had her letters succeeded, we might have avoided not only the loss of so many lives, not only the expense of so many billions of dollars, but also the even greater consequences of damage to the prestige of the U.S. trademark in world affairs, that this course Mr. Bush & company brought about. It is a disgrace not only to our country but to the Republican party, which was once the pragmatic party. For example, it really is much harder to do the serious work that needs to be done in North Korea and Iran after having cried "wolf" in Iraq.

michael jones

All that is completeely true! It is not easy to help to someone with a bipolar disorder. But we have to that!!!

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