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Scott Malensek

"Page 42-43/60
Emptying Saddam’s palaces from all the riches
When the Anglo-American forces entered one of Saddam’s palaces in Basra everybody remembers this event on TV. The strange thing is that the palace was completely empty save from some chairs, one table and a bed in a room. Where did the furniture go? What about the other palaces especially in Baghdad, (unclear) next to Baiji , Mosul and Al Anbar. Three months before the war the news was coming about trucks loaded with very expensive items (all the world saw faucets made of gold). There was a talk about trucks moving those riches to Syria. Someone who works at Al walid center told me that once he saw 35 private trucks (trailer) that crossed the border to Syria."

Remember as well the MSM reports of as much as $12billion in personal Hussein cash being taken away in trucks from Baghdad banks. Somewhere out there on the web are pics of the truckloads of AMERICAN currency that US forces intercepted.


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