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Mr. Negroponte indicated only about 3% of all the documents had been looked at... so the ROM for the total gathered was 1 million documents. So 30,000 have been looked at? Add in document scan and check time for QC, then final check off after scanning... that would account for the slow release rate.

That is one helluva scanning job! Has to be on contract since the amount of time and personnel would be too much for a dedicated workforce in the Gov't to do. So add in shipping and receiving time to that loop.


Thank you for your work, Mr. Robinson. Such expertise is damn difficult to find.


And my deepest apologies for mis-spelling your name, Mr. Robison. You have probably seen it all your life, but that is no excuse for me to continue it... *sigh*

Scott Malensek

IF these docs HAVE been reviewed and are being spoon fed from the DoD, etc., then it would certainly be a convenient tool for exerting indirect pressure on Russia while in the midst of talks about Iran's nuclear program (talks in the same style as the pre-war in Iraq talks that were subverted by Russia). Sec of State Rice's comments-while en route to discuss Iran with Russian diplomats-about needing to review the docs would seem to fit that niche well.

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