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I am sooooo glad to have found your site. I cannot believe that all this information is finally seeing the light of day.
I would now ask those on the left this: if Saddam did not have anything to hide what was he trying so hard to hide?
The real smoking gun will come (if we are ever allowed to see it) when the document ordering the weapons to Syria come to light.
Thank you again for your site. Keep it coming.


I think ABC deserves a ratings boost just for being the only network to pay attention to this and the Intelligence Summit docs. They have earned some respect.

Ray Robison

thanks 05

Old Sgt

Thanks for the info Ray. Wonder what other info will become available that will bring light to the "no WMD" theory that the left has been forcing down everyone's throat. Do you think that they will pay any attention to the "breaking news"?


Thanks Ray for this info. I hope that soon all if not most of the IRAQI deceits and coverups will be coming to light. Especially about WMD, which I firmly have always believed did exist and is most probably trucked to Syria. If not any usuable bombs, than certainly WMD materials and any documentation showing their research, testing,timetables etc. as to their research progress in this area.

I hope that once any WMD info surfaces from these tens of thousands of docments, the Administration deos not hold back but will be eager to make it all public domain.

Then I can't wait to hear from the "all knowing and cocksure leftists". However knowing their past conduct in matters of "TRUTH", I am sure there will be a great many who will cry foul and declare that any and all documents are fakes and that any and all translations of these documents are forged and nothing but make belief stuff. Well, methinks they are masters at forging documents. They even think we (the general American public) are so gullible that they even appointed a media mogul like Danny Rather of the CBS media (in decline). Now even CBS doesn't want any part of Danny Boy any more.


Thanks and Good Luck Ray in your pursuit for the truth in this.

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