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It appears that they are looking into Negligent Homicide...I wonder what that's all about? That's more than a UCMJ charge for covering up evidence or charges involving simple friendly fire issues--disobeyed orders involving FF? I don't know right now... Something's not quite right here, though. I hate that it had to happen to Tillman--he was a good soldier, a good American...

crusader bunnypants

Tillman was a tool. Have you found UBL - RIP? WMDS? Democracy? Theocracy? The Democrats and Republicans in the US Govenrment should be tarred and feathered! Don't forget the corporate media as well. No one is above the law for war crimes and terror

Ray Robison

Dear crusader suck.


If it hadn't been for Tillman, I never would have discovered Noam Chomsky.

I hope the truth comes out...and that, this time, it isn't covered up. He deserves that much.

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