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Ray said:
"The UN was finding and destroying banned weapons 3 days before the war"

So Ray, tell me again, why did the inspectors have to stop finding and destroying banned weapons?



So sgo, tell me again, why after 12 years of banned weapons, were we (the countries involved with the UN) still having to go in and destroy banned weapons? Oh yeah......Saddam kept hiding them......


sgo, the UN resolutions called for Iraq to disclose their weapons, the UN team was supposed to be for verification, not searching for the weapons, which is what it had to do because of Iraq noncompliance


Um.,,, guys the inspectors were inspecting... GWB had them stop inspecting... how come?


Don't you think 12 years is enough time for someone to comply? I think it was way too long!

I Know ya'll have been busy checking out the Iraqi Docs so maybe you missed this.

"Bush Was Set on Path to War, British Memo Says"


-"Don't you think 12 years is enough time"

Sure it's a long time, but that doesn't answer the question.

Why, at that moment, when the inspectors were in the country finding and destroying weapons just "3 days before", did Bush make them stop?


Again....I think 12 years for Saddam to comply with UN sanctions was more then plenty of time. the same time he was hiding WMD....he was killing his own citizens! Does that escape your memory? Even while he is on trial he re-accounted a time where someone in his own inner circle gave a speech to the public, and he told him that he would kill him if he ever did it again....only the leader of the country should give speeches. Now this man was on his side, did what was told of him, but he gave a speech..... Saddam is not a logical man that you can reason with. It was his way or death. Saddam is the present day Hitler and these libs are trying to say that we should not have taken him out of power!


My question was still not answered lilbitthunderer........


lilbitthunder don't know.....We went to war to oust the present day Hitler.


That wasn't the question...


Scott Malensek

Beside the point, but...

Primary reason:
* to prevent a Nexus of Evil situation
* to prevent UBL from setting up headquarters in Iraq as Saddam had annually and bi-annually requested for 5 yrs. UBL had turned down each offer based on the idea that he was safer in Afghanistan, but driven from Afghanistan in 2001/2...the possibility of UBL moving AQ HQ to Iraq was much more likely and easily a worst case scenario for the war on terror (see also 911 Comm report and SIC 911 report and SIC Iraq investigation report for details OR multiple RR threads on "AQ's ties to Iraq per _____")

Secondary reason:
* to remove/resolve the hundreds unresolved WMD issues (any one of which could kill thousands in the hands of an Iraqi trained terrorist-like Abu Musab Al Zarqawi
* to get the hundreds of AQ terrorist who fled Afghanistan to Iraq
* to end Iraqi support for terrorists in general

Tertiary reasons:
* to create a battlefield against terrorists made of America's choosing-not the terrorists preference (UBL's preference was Afghanistan, the Graveyard of Empires where he felt he had already destroyed one superpower)
* to create a bastion of democracy in the middle of a region plagued by tyranny and oppression...things that spawn terrorism
* to drain the swamp of terrorists in the region; ie, to draw terrorists into a fight against the US military and not the Springfield, Ohio police Department
* to offer the Iraqi people a chance at restoring their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness-rights that some Americans believe are endowed to all men by the creator
* to end the 4000-5000 Iraqis per month who were dying because of UN sanctions per the UN's claims
* to prevent Saddam from continuing to terrorize the Iraqi people and his neighbors (all but one of which he had attacked)
* to support a legitimate govt in Iraq.
* to position US forces in a more threatening/deterring position to Iran, Syria, etc.
* With Al Queda's #1 and #2 leaders pinned in Waziristan/Pakistan, as a means of going after the Al Queda's #3 man, Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, who had already attempted to kill hundreds of thousands in London, Rome, Paris, and Jordan using chemical and biological weapons via training he had been given from Saddam
* To end the funding of Palestinian terrorists by Saddam and thus help deter bi-weekly suicide bus bombings that had completely derailed the peace process
* to prevent the funding of Al Queda by Iraq through the mega-corrupt UN Oil-for-Food program
* to shift American oil dependence (and funding) from terrorist-breeding-ground of Saudi Arabia to a Democratic and representative govt in Iraq
and so on...

FYI, and I would hope to God they are pro US given who funds them.

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Urinated State of America

"Iraq had the growth media and the equipment, and was actively making simulants. The process for which was nearly identical to weaponizing the anthrax itself. Pretending Saddam's anthrax was little more than water seems to dilute the UN's claims of concern.

Unresolved Disarmament Issues Report
Dr Hans Blix
3/6/03 (two weeks before the invasion, 4 months after UN1441, and 6 months after the US military buildup began)

"UNSCOM assessed Iraq’s production capability on the basis of two potentially limiting factors: equipment and growth media. UNSCOM assessed that, based on its estimate of the available equipment to the BW programme at that time, and the known capacity of such equipment, Iraq’s potential production of anthrax could have been in the range of about 22,000 to 39,000 litres. UNSCOM also estimated that based on unaccounted for growth media, Iraq’s potential production of anthrax could have been in the range of about 15,000 to 25,000 litres."

Scott, this is UNSCOM stuff from the 1990s, not UNMOVIC's issues. The issue is not what happened at al-Hakam in the mid-1990s, but what was happening in prior to the war.

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