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Scott Malensek

Impressive stuff. I wonder how the dates of Powell, and Shroeder's visits fit in the timeline of WMD removal to Syria (July-Sept 02 per Sada, Dec 02-April 03 per Shaw, and so forth)?

More than that...what I want to see is details on the 12/98 Hijazi meeting. Hijazi's in custody and admitted to the other meetings, but not the 12/98 one. US intel reportedly is convinced he's lying about that one. It's important because the 911 Comm says the plot was set in motion in Khandahar in late 98 early 99. UBL was only in Khandahar for a few days in 12/98. Why? To meet with Hijazi, then hold press conference and interviews declaring it was his goal to get WMD. Most interesting is that the meeting with Hijazi and the plot both happened immediately (days-even hours) after Zawahiri sent a public declaration vowing to retaliate against the US if the US bombed Iraq. US DID bomb Iraq, Hijazi went to Afghanistan, and 911 plot was set in motion. Now THAT's a doc I wanna see ;-) Till then, this is damn good too! Good work! Oh, and here's few nice links:
Why I want to see 1998 docs translated....

Why the MSM should want to see the 12/98 docs translated....

And fmr Iraqi Gen Georges Sada on Hannity & Colmes talking about WMD going to Syria....

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