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Hi folks, I am a military analyst living in Huntsville, Alabama. Before that I was an army officer and also a member of the Iraq Survey Group.

As a side job I do some straight journo stuff and opinion pieces.

I set up this site to provide some military expertise in analyzing political events. A lot of military pundits are high ranking and don't want to be seen as political hacks so they stay away from the issue. I will usually come down on the side of which ever politician is making sense about the military, which is unfortunately almost exclusively republican right now, with a few exceptions.

My work has been on Fox News, American Thinker, Rush Limbaugh, Slate (Hitchens) and 411mania. I have gotten a good bashing from NY Times, The Guardian and Le Monde. I don't know which I am more proud of.

I support the military and my central issue is that far too many Americans had their views of the military formed either during Vietnam or growing up on the spate of anti-military movies that followed the war. It aint the same military, our society and military have evolved, but so many (mostly college professors and older journalists) can't get rid of the impressions formed in the 60s and 70s. I am trying to counter that with real time information and what that means on a political level.

You will see that I am very antogonistic to leftists, communists, fringe liberals, racists, fascists and religious fanatics of any stripe. I am not really a political junkie, couldn't tell you the name of the RNC chairperson. I am only politically interested in those politicians who are involved directly in a military issue at the time.

Most often, you will see me use references to show that a politician or media org has made a completely dishonest argument.


The new Battlestar Galactica, Futurama, movies in general, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.