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Courtesy of Ray Robison: Kathleen Carroll, executive editor and senior vice president of The Associated Press has addressed the rising cacophony of bloggers and pundits insisting that the AP substantiate its recent reporting of six Sunnis being burne... [Read More]

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Their source is NOT who they say he is, produce him. Their were no funerals or bodies...produce pictures of them. Their are no independent witnesses produced. How much more does the AP need to be shown before they admit the truth. They screwed up. Th... [Read More]

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Listen, he had been named in reports going back to April. No one had bothered to check out this guy up till that point, that's all. I got a hunch and started checking on it and I gotta tell ya, it wasn't that hard to put two and two together. Basica... [Read More]

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Purple Avenger

Carroll won't be able to get a job reporting on the Shemya garden club when this is all over.

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