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There are a large number of myths of Iraq out there and toxic memes that need to be put to rest:

Those things are clouding our view of the overall strategy there and leading to a strange impression of *losing* when that is not the case. We have seen one of the most innovative plans to end the insurgency in Iraq that foreswore the old 'oil spot' concept that has *never worked*, and tried out something new. And it also does point up some of the major memes that are a hinderance to understanding the conflict and what is going on there:

Getting *stability* on the other hand is a much more difficult prospect, and not addressing that forthrightly will be a long-term disaster to the US socially, politically, economically and lead to butchers getting *here* and based *here* to do their dirty work. We have seen that with the FBI and other police organizations stumbling upon Hezbollah sympathizers in the US connected to organized crime and narcotics gangs. Hezbollah establishing itself in South America is not a good sign for the US:

So, not being one to sit and let others do the heavy thinking, I put together a look at a way *forward* in Iraq... a plan to stabilize Iraq and I am sure that no one will like it:

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