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Sean Osborne


I agree with the idea that Al Qaeda was the vehicle of the Anthrax attacks of 2001. In fact, I believe at least one of the clues has been staring the FBI and everybody else square in the face ever since then.

Look at this image. See the letters which have been given extra pen strokes so that they are darker than all of the rest? They spell A T T A as in Mohammed Atta.

You may also wish to review this article in its entirety:

Who is Syed Athar Abbas?

I also believe that Atta transported the anthrax seed to to the US from his meeting with the al-Mukhabarat chief of station in Prague in April 2001.

Consult with Laurie Mylroie on the real name and location of the Iraqi Sunni Muslim microbiologist, expert in bacillus subtilis (anthrax surrogate), and current resident of New York City and a professor in a SUNY college in the city.

Image that, an Al Qaeda and Iraqi Anthrax theory supported by some excellent circumstancial data anyone can verify.

Sean Osborne


Great post Ray.
Glad someone is thinking about this. It is beyond my comprehension why this issue has been seemingly forgotten by most people. It stinks, bad...

-Rock on

Crosby Boyd

Excellent article.

While many have given reasons why the anthrax attack was an al Qaeda operation, your article does the important service of showing why it wasn't an inside job.

However the FBI's new report is self serving. Hatfil has been given a court go-ahead to pursue his case against the government leaks which probably eminated from the FBI itself. A lot of dirt will come out, including the criminally poor reputation of the FBI lab.

Nowhere did I read the Ames strain was confined to confined to US and Soviet/Russian labs. It was assumed at the time that Iraq and others had access to it. Also, how can the vaunted FBI now reverse itself on the deflocculating additive that made the second round of anthrax so deadly. It was either present or not. Why did the 2002 report say it was? Bad lab work?

No, I think the FBI would like to see the Hatfil case go away. You know the NY Times would. Perhaps they are laying the groundwork for an out of court settlement, to avoid further embarrassment.


Ray, I've been "looking at" a German scientist (from Hamburg,where else) who has connections in the USA,and who apparently got some level of unauthorized access to the Bundeswehr labs some time prior to 9/11.

The guy HATES the US, hates all bio-research-especially defensive,and had a close associate who was p'o'd about the US furnishing coca-killing Fusarium to Colombia and other SA nations.

Kenneth J. Dillon

The likely Mailer was Al Qaeda operative Abderraouf Jdey, and the likely source of his anthrax was a clandestine UK biowarfare program. See

Kenneth J. Dillon
former Department of State intelligence analyst

Kenneth J. Dillon

Since writing the comment above, I have become aware of new evidence that makes a UK source very unlikely and points to a source in the northern tier of US states. The likely Mailer remains Abderraouf Jdey, who received his anthrax from Mohamed Atta on September 10, 2001.

Kenneth J. Dillon

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