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Anything I can do to help Ray let me know. You know how to get ahold of me and please feel free to contact me and I'll do what I can to help in anything you may need.

William Milan

Thanks Ray for all the great work.
You need to put this in to a book.
This info needs to get out there.

Thank you



See this post over at Atlas Shrugs re the grave danger we face from the Iranian President MAD and his religious mentor Imam Yazdi.

Ray your efforts are critical to secure the political will of the American people by crushing the lie/meme of the LL and the MSM that, "Bush Lied! People Died!"

This is crucial to confront this terror that confronts us. RBT doesn't believe we have six months.

As RBT said over at Atlas:

For those of us in the Blogos who know the truth -



PS I guess you don't allow URL links so here's the link just patch the holes:

http [colon, forward slash, forward slash]


Popularizing this information - which has been studiously avoided by the media - will be perhaps one of the most important works of our time, IF we desire to preserve Western civilization.


Compiling this information into book form and bringing it into focus with analysis and narrative will be a great service.

Bill Kirk

Ray, please get this book to print as fast as you. The way thinks look right now, the democrats may get control of congress and we cannot let this happen. While I don't agree with everything President Bush has done, he is attempting right a lot of wrongs and we need to discredit the democrats as much as we can.


Shout it to the heavens. Can't wait for any revelations that US pols and/or companies were improperly involved.
It may be the single most important project of at least this decade.

Joseph Crowley

Ray, I'd be curious to know if there are any serious left-handed authors penning a contrarian view of the Harmony Database. In fact I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see a plagiarized rebuttal of all your hard work appear within weeks, even days of yours. Is there a way to/are you protected from such a scenario? This might be one of those rare occasions where it's better to get lawyers involved up front! As always, I look forward to the fruits of your hard labor.

Amor patriae,
Joseph Crowley

Ray Robison

JC, "plagiarized rebuttal" Does this mean you are concerned someone will do the same thing we are doing but with misleading or false translations to discredit us? If so, yes that is possible. But I have noticed that if the translations are accurate, then even the liberal arabic speakers don't challenge them.

Jim McCaskill

I'd buy it.

Jeff Rooney

Ray, Sammi and Jveritas -

I wish you all the success with your venture. You three are true heroes. My family and I hold you three in very high regard.

The venture and translations you are embarking on, are the most important tasks of your lifetimes. You have an opportuntiy to show the world that Saddam was a threat, he possessd WMD and the intelligence on him was not wrong.

You are voluntarily taking on this task that thousands of our press are intentionally ignoring. I can not say thank you enough for your endurance and courage. Please do not tire, and if you fall along the way I will be there to help you up and give a hand to my friends.

I say God Speed and you are in our prayers. Millions of us are in the stands watching you and cheering you on.


P.S. I am sure you have thought your best chances with publication are from conservative publishers. Have you thought of Reagan Books?


This is terrific news. The work you are doing is vitally important in the never ending battle to set the record straight and get the truth out to the American people and the world.

Thank You


Land of the free baby, live hard or die! they may be tacky lines but they speak true words. I think the book is a smart idea. Can't wait to see it on the shelves. I see it going places. Wanna talk books Opera? Have we got a subject for you!


Godspeed, keep those translations coming and get that book out... you have the prayers of many. This is a noble sacrifice and we couldn't need it more than now.

BTW, what's with the strike through re: another leading translator?

Long live the Republic.

Ray Robison

aliveritas, just wanted to make sure before I attached his name that he wanted that public now, got a hold of him later and then changed it. but didn't want to confuse anyone who had already read it by changing it without some kind of indication.

Dan the Painter

Great news, that you intend to publish the translations in book form. This tome needs to be in every library so that present and future truth seekers can have an accurate picture of the Hussein Administration.


Great work. I look forward to reading the book and presenting it as evidence to every naysayer I encounter.


I will be anxiously awaitng.



I look foward to reading this very important book that comes at a critical time in our Nation. The truth must be told!

Godspeed to all involved in this extremely valuable and relevant project!

Fred Meatball06

Ray: Go Go GGGOOOOO. Do it, quickly. Best of luck, and God Bless. As they say on final, "got the ball".

Larry Faren

By all means, get it published, Ray. You can count on me for support, as in the past.


Cannot wait for the book, cannot stress my desire to be able to have a reliable source for information on this topic.

Joseph Crowley


There's The "Real World", there's the make-believe "Bizarro World" we've all heard of and laughed about but then there's the make-real, callow "Liberal World". Based on recent history it's obvious that somewhere around half of the Americans that actually get up off their brainpans and vote, share a zip code in that last one. And that my friend, is no thing we (we know who we are) can afford to laugh about.

In your reply you say that even the liberal Arabic speakers don't challenge accurate translations of the Harmony Database. It's not those "liberals" I'm worried about, most of them have zip codes in our world, the verifiable one. But seriously, it's not the threat of misleading or false translations that concern me. It's the idea of some loony leftist profiteer taking all your hard, honest work and translating it into "liberalese". Two words Ray...Davinci Code!

Vestigium Meus Lacuna,
Joseph Crowley


Rock on Ray, best of luck!


Put me down for a handful of books.

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