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The Liberal Avenger

"You may or may not know that I worked with ISG processing and analyzing these documents and other media."

Janitor, Roy?

Ray Robison

Again for the slow students, 1st shift supervisor for analyzing, digitizing and archiving insurgent and terrorist media.


Is that the best the libtards have? Don't they claim to be the smart ones? Geeeze ya need to change your name to Lame Avenger or Limp Avenger or something more accurate.
I may not be the best as spellin etc. but I do have one thing you don't, common sense.
Avast moron off the port bow.


Attention on deck:
Hoist the mains'l and stand-by for heavy rolls as the ship comes about to heading of 225-degrees true.
Open fire as soon as we are in range and prepare a boarding party.

One thing ya libtards just don't get. We are Truthfull.
You like to hide or distort the truth but we bring it into light. It doesn't matter if it supports us or not.
Ya can't figure out why ya make such easy targets.
Please keep it up.


Somone said about the Repugnics...
"We are Truthfull"



got any more good jokes... that one was a laugh riot...

Hida Reju

LA, SGO how are posts like this any different than one of Bedrocktruth's post?

You are failing to provide any info other than to point and laugh. I know that most of what you would put out here would be discarded without even reading it but you do yourself no justice in proving yourself to be nothing more than trolls on this web site.

I can not say I have or will be any better but you should be the ones to provide the counter opinion for people that visit this site. Then maybe someone will get the right idea (Which ever one it may be) and decide what side they want to be on. It might even be yours.


Sgo, well

Somone said about the Repugnics...
"We are Truthfull"

Did I say anything about Republicans?
Or did I point out the obvious and that was the best ya could come up with?
I thunk ya could call us ‘Conservatives”.

Aaarg, stand down, the morons off our port and starboard bow are scuttling their own ships.

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